Sunday, November 16, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

 Thursday and Friday, November 14 - 15, 2014 we had a major snow storm park itself over the Boise Idaho area. 

All the schools in the area were closed including BSU. 
Even our trash service was delayed until road conditions improved.
A look outside my window on this snowy day. I love it when I can stay home and have the weekend to get the roads back in shape before I have to drive on them. 
Look at the height of the snow off the walks. Lots of snow, plus it was still snowing. 
 See how high the snow is at the snow tires? It took me quite a while to dig my car out and the driveway to the garage where my other car is. 
Boise Airport official total was 7.6 inches of snow. Wow! Most areas in Boise received 7 - 10 inches from this storm. It was a crazy snow day. It's beautiful, but soooo cold. It was 1 degree this morning and the high will only be 24 degrees today. Brrrrrrr
I saw this photo on KTVB (our local TV Station) and thought that was such a cute idea. Way to go girls! Do you want to build a snowman?
We also hosted a football game here. Bronco stadium was covered with a blanket of snow. It took a while for them to prepare Boise States Blue Turf for the game against San Deigo. 

Ok, I had to laugh when I found out it was San Diego that was coming to play in our cold snowy stadium. 

It took facility crews working throughout Friday to remove the snow from the field and stands at Albertsons Stadium.
I am sure it came as a shock to the Aztecs whose temperature in their home city of San Diego reached 70 degrees on Saturday. ha ha ha!

The expected temperature for Saturday's game at 8:15 pm kickoff was around 20 degrees, but the wind chill put that down even further. 

Poor San Diego!!! Brrrrrrrr

BSU Broncos' 38-29 were victorious over Sand Diego State!!
On this cold snowy weekend, I decided to make chili and taco soup. I used up the remaining kidney beans in my food storage. It's always a good feeling when I can replace food storage with new product because I am actually using it!

I was able to fill my freezer with 1 serving bags - my creative way to cook from scratch for 1 person.  I love meals in my freezer that I can pull out so I can eat healthy be frugal and not run to get fast food. 
It was an unusual Sunday too - our church had a pipe break, sending everyone out of the building and the fire department coming in. 
Glad it was only a broken pipe and everyone was safe!

Well, it's been quite a snow storm and weekend. Although the snow is beautiful, I always dread driving on it. But, it's back to work on Monday. Hopefully all the roadways will be back to normal and it will be an easy commute. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Parable of the Down Pillows

During Jaron and Autumn's Temple marriage ceremony, the officiator told a story "The Parable of the Down Pillows". I loved it so much I wanted to add it to my blog. I am paraphrasing from what I remember:

A young couple received a set of down pillows as a wedding present. 

They loved their soft down pillows through the years.

But, as the years went on, the pillows got flatter and flatter.

The wife took the pillows to a dry cleaner and asked them to clean and if they could add fluffing to the pillows.

They recommended that instead of adding more "down feather's" to the pillows they should take the down feather's from one of the pillows and add it to the other pillow - making only 1 pillow. 

That is what they did, and made one fluffy, soft down pillow.

From that day forward, it was a rush to get to bed between the Husband and Wife. 

They each wanted to give the other the soft down pillow to sleep with. 

They thought more of the comfort for their spouse then they did for themselves. 

That is what makes a marriage work, loving, giving and making sure your spouse is loved, happy and comfortable above all else. Each giving and loving each other more then words can say. That keeps a marriage together forever. 

Links to Autumn and Jaron's wedding: 

Halloween 2014

I was extremely lucky this Halloween to have my little brother, Richard and his family, Rhonda, Tymber and Hope here for a visit.
We has such an awesome time.
Halloween night we spent time at the village. Hope and Tymber posing by these random witch figures sitting on the benches. It took us a while to figure out if it was a real person or not. It wasn't real. 
We also went to "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" at the theater in the village. It was just OK ... we had a tough time finding something that was family friendly for all of us to watch and this is what we settled on. 
More pictures in front of the fountains at the village. 
A few poses of Tymber who is obsessed with Batman right now. 

She is such a beautiful tween / woman / girl - grin. 
I loved the sparkles she put on the mask. She looked darling. 
Tymber did Hope's scary make up. 
Dracula girl ... the undead ... who is very messy when feeding on mortals.
I love this pose .. she sure looks scary!

Hope requested cup cakes and sugar cookies from Aunt Sondra .... and yes I delivered.
Mummy cup cakes
and sugar cookies. 

After we ate all the sugar cookies I taught Tymber how to make some more. 
She did a great job but I ended up frosting them while she put the make up on Hope. 

The next night we went to another movie at the Village. It was raining really hard and a lot. We had 1.15 inches in Boise that night - which is just crazy unbelievable - but we sure needed it.
We saw The Maze Runner, it was interesting. I like the action and the movie - but it left you with more questions then answers. I guess it's a trilogy book set and more movies are coming. 

I had such a great time having them here for a few days. It always goes by so fast. I sure love spending time with them!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Morning Motivations for a Happier and Healthier Body

I ran across this sheet of "Morning Motivations" for a healthier happier life, motivation to make my body healthy and to achieve the things I want. I've had for a while and thought I'd share it:

Begin every day with one of these thoughts and it will keep your "positive Mental Attitude" going all day!

1. Today is the beginning of a wonderful day! I can accomplish whatever I set for a goal. I'm a beautiful, caring human being and will care for my mind and body so that I will be proud of what I have planned for myself this day. My health is very important, so I will continue to eat and exercise for this endeavor and become the person I am working to become.

2. I am going to be disciplined today, have fun, and make it a wonderful day!

3. Anything is possible. I can make today anything I want it to be. All it takes is the desire to change and the will to do something about it. 

4. I am going to do it this time. I look good, feel good, and I've come too far to blow it. 

5. I want to do things at 100 percent -- not at 80, 70, or 90 -- because when I do things at 100 percent, my reward is usually 100 percent. Remember, success is hard work. Stick to it and that's it!

6. I'm terrific! I can do anything; I can accomplish any goal. I'll take the first step this morning, and at the end of the day write what I have accomplished for both persona and career goals. I congratulate myself on my accomplishments and get ready for a new day of discovery tomorrow. I am lucky for what I have and for what I have accomplished so far, but I can do so much more, if I only push harder. 

7. My goal is to be a healthier person. I can achieve that by following my food plan and exercising.

8. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I intend to be on this planet a long time. I am a wonderful human being, and I deserve a body that is strong and healthy.

9. This is my life and I want to be thin. I'll do it now so I can get on with my life as I've envisioned it.

10. I am special. I am a loving person, fun to be with, and I really like myself. If I was to be unable to lose any more weight than I have already lost, that would be okay, because I am special! But I know I can. I like myself enough to really work at lowering my weight to get in better shape and be healthy. I know I can do it. God loves me, I love me and I am special.

11. Today is another wonderful day. I'm going to stick to my food program because I choose to do it. I will not let anyone spoil the way I'm feeling right now.

12. I'm looking great and feeling great and I will continue with my food and exercise program.

13. I will never give up hope! There is hope for everything I believe in. With hope and faith I can stay on my food program. With hope for the future and faith in myself I can attain my goals. I can attain my goals. I love myself. I believe in myself and count my blessings. But above all, I will never give up hope. 

14. I will follow my food plan every day.

15. I'm doing this to be healthy, I'm doing this to be happy. I doing this for life. I'm doing this for me. 

16. I am mater of my own body. My body is not stronger than be. I will tell my body what it can eat and how much it can eat. I'm calling the shots from now on.

17. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday. Whether it was a success or a failure, today begin all over again. And today is going to be a success.

18. There's no sense kidding myself. This is hard work -- but it's going to be worth it. There's no such thing as wasted effort, only wasted time.

19. Life is great there's so much more of it to live. I want to live in a body of my own choosing, and I choose to be healthy. 

20. I am tired of excuses, and words like "possible," "maybe" or "I'll try". From now on, I'm going to live by words of accomplishment -- I will stick with my food and exercise program.

21. This life is my department store. I've shopped around and found what I want -- and I want to be healthy. Now, I'm not going to put it off or haggle the cost. I'm going to pay the price and get it. 

22. Time is working to my advantage. Every minute that I eat right -- is another minute that I'm getting healthy. I can feel it.

23. I know what I want to become I can see a thought picture of myself in my mind. That person is inside waiting to get out. And I'm going to set that person free. All it takes is time and will power.

24. Because of my weight, I haven't been living for a long time. It's time for me to live again. And my new life begins today.

25. The world will give me back just what I put into it. Worthwhile things in life require time, patience and work. And my health is worthwhile. 

26. I know what I want, and I know what I need to do to get there. I have all these tools for success. And I'm going to exercise, eat right, and be successful, I am going to be healthy. 

27. I will have the courage to walk away from food. And I'm tired of being bullied for the things that have been making my life miserable. I will be true to myself. 

28. I forgive myself for past mistakes. I'm changing and doing better day by day. No one can do more than that -- even me. No one can expect more than that -- even me. 

29. I respect my body and I'm going to treat it with respect. It's the only one I'll ever have and it deserves the best.

30. The wrong kind of food is my mortal enemy. The refrigerator is my battle ground. I am fighting for my life. I'll continue to eat the right kinds of foods. This is a war that I'm going to win. 


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