Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuteness Bunny Ears

My niece Tracy posted this picture of her son. I just love those bunny ears and had to share this cute idea.
Oh, the cuteness of that little bunny boy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Patio Furniture

 Today my new splurge was delivered.... A new patio set and rug. 
The wicker and green love seat, two chairs and table. 
The flower chairs are old and what I've normally had for several years. 
 I love it, and am super excited to have my outdoor room ready to enjoy all summer long. 
There is lots of seating for all my family and friends. 
I absolutely love the rug, as it really makes this feel like a living area / extension to the house. 
I usually put a TV outside on the patio too and live out here all summer long

I just am giddy with excitement for my new luxury outside living space.
I know the blind is kind of funky but I need something to curb the sun from heating up the patio. I'd like to put some type of living material to block out the sun light, but haven't figured out what to do yet. I've thought about arborvitae shrubs, but the space might not be big enough to hold them as they grow. 

I may purchase 3 of them and keep them in a pot for this season and see what I think and if I should plant them. 

Well, I'm off to sit on the patio and read a book. 
"Happy Sondra" - grin.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter House

 My house is decorated for Easter. My trees are getting so big that I'm having a really hard time reaching the top - even with a ladder. Plus, I am going to buy more eggs this year - because I'm starting to run out before covering as much of the tree as possible. 
 I love the spring feel of the egg colors on the trees.
 It makes me happy to enjoy each holiday by decorating my home. My neighbors love it too.
I love spring. I had energy to work in my yard on Friday - I even trimmed and mowed my yard. I love being outside and working in the yard in spring weather. 

I have a few flowers in my flower beds and more on the way. I love watching everything come to life.

 I always love my bleeding heart plants in the spring. The heart shape of the flowers make me happy.

Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

YW Personal Progress Activity

This week in Young Women, our new Presidency wanted to work on getting all the girls signed up on LDS.org and put their personal progress on line. This way when we plan activities, we can make sure we focus on what needs to be completed in their Personal Progress books. 

All members of the presidency have access to view the Young Women in your ward personal progress if it is in-put on LDS.org. You can access it on LDS.org under "Youth" then "Personal Progress". Once on the Personal Progress page on the right hand side, there is a link to "Leader Summary", which shows were everyone is on their book.

As the Y/W secretary, I will be taking my laptop to enter and approve items in their books before and after Young Women each Sunday.  

We found this great idea on Pinterest for an IHOP activity from Sisters in Zion blog.

We did the activity just as they outlined and it was a blast! 

Our President received all of the Young Women's membership number. This let up set up a log in for each girl on LDS.org. Then we input the information from their books into LDS.org. 

The Young Women presidency helped the girls input their data, while all of the advisors cooked pancakes and crepes. We had lots of toppings, syrup, strawberries, whip cream, Nutella, Jams, blueberries etc. We also added blueberries, chocolate chips and cinnamon chips to pancake batter. We had a ton of food, juice and milk. The girls were able to visit and have such a fun time. We held the activity at our Young Women President's house. 

It was such a fun activity!!!

One thing that kind of disappointed me, was that some of the older girls were not very far on their Personal Progress and some didn't have the "vision" of how important Personal Progress is.

I spoke to our President, who has 2 boys who have completed their Eagle in scouts. I have asked her to bring their uniform and sash with all the merit badges these boys have completed with each rank. Getting an Eagle is a LOT of hard work. Plus, they have their Duty to God booklet to complete too. PLUS, each Sunday they arrive at church early to set up chairs or stay late to put chairs away.

Plus all the additional things these boys do:
 The Deacon's collect fast offerings once a month.
The Teachers and Priests are Home Teaching companions.

Our boys do a LOT as they prepare to serve a mission.

I have a hard time understanding the moaning and groaning about the Young Women working on Personal Progress. If they want one of these WONDERFUL young men who have accomplished all the items I have outlined above, they need to at LEAST have earned their YW medallion. They have to prepare themselves to be married to one of these awesome men and to be the mother with the great responsibility before them to raise and teach Heavenly Father's Children (along with getting a college degree and a career if needed). 

My challenge as I work in the Young Women Program is to motivate them to do their Personal Progress. To help them become the person they need to be in the world today. They have to be strong, they have to prepare - because it's getting so wicked each passing year.

I want so much for them. I want them to have the Happily Ever After they deserve. I don't want them to struggle with their testimony or fall away the gospel. Life is easier when you live your life firmly secured to the iron rod. 

I'm excited for this new calling. I love the girls and we have a wonderful bunch. I love our new Presidency and know that we will accomplish great things. 


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