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Friday, October 2, 2015

September Financial Wins!

Financially September was much better then August. Here are some of my September wins!

Blog Ad Check: $131.87
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Thank You!!!

Swag Bucks: I started out with $15.13 dollars from August and ended September with $95.09. I made $79.96 of free money!! Sometimes I get tired of working for a few pennies each day, but as you can see it really adds up! 
Woo Hoo! 

My cleaning business is doing well. The customer whom I have been waiting to decrease her 4 times a week cleanings has decided to only reduce it to 2 times per week. I'm very happy with that, because I was worried they would decrease it to a 1 clean bi-weekly. I have been preparing and adding customers to my schedule to cushion that reduction on work/money. I've been able to balance out my busy schedule and now I'm back to a good work schedule that won't tire me out from working so hard. 

I'm extremely happy that my business has survived the few bumps in losing and adding customers! It makes me happy that I've been able to be a successful small business owner and make a living by cleaning houses! 

It's not the most glamorous job, but I love working for myself and not as many hours as I did when I worked for computer companies as a Program Manager and Contract Administrator. I love cleaning houses with NO STRESS! 

I love being debt free. It is wonderful and I'm glad I was able to achieve it. I love that I am totally addicted to budgeting and knowing where every cent goes. It's the best way to eliminate stress - because I KNOW that I am able to pay all my bills when it's budgeted. I wish I would have been addicted to budgeting in my 20's and not 50's. Now I just want to share the light and hope to improve someone's life by catching the debt free bug. 

I have been working hard on saving money to get a new roof on my house. It looks like I won't be able to achieve that this fall. I will have a few repairs done before winter. I just refuse to get into debt. I don't have any leaks into my house, I just have a horrible time losing shingles every time the wind blows. My roof will be fine until Spring when I have enough money to pay cash for it - that is the most important thing - Pay Cash and Don't Get Into Debt!

I've been adjusting to having my son living here. I have become so frugal living on my own that it's hard to look at having another person on my lean budget. I'm also adjusting to living with someone again - it's good for me - LOL! 

Overall September was a great month. I have been able to get some money into savings again. I'll be working on getting a nice emergency fund and extra money in savings to make some home improvements next year. It's fun watching my savings grow instead of watching my debt decrease. I like this way much better. 

Things are looking might bright being debt free!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Parable of Aunt Rose

A beautiful evening of the spirit and speakers to start off this session of General Conference!

I enjoyed listening President Dieter F Uchtdorf. His words hold great understanding and I love listening to His talks. I feel like it strengthens me every time. He shares amazing stories that help me grow spiritually in understanding. The story of Ava and Aunt Rose was very beautiful.

I think the "Parable of Great Aunt Rose" will forever be in my heart. 
"In this painting, a pioneer girl is skipping along a bright blue path. She has endured many dark and dreary days, but she has a spring in her step and looks optimistic, happy, and hopeful."

The painting is called Joy in the Journey by Salvador Alvarez. You can find it at
"As you walk through life, I hope you will feel a spring in your step as you trust the Lord and continue on your own bright path of discipleship. Faith will lead you to open your eyes to the things Heavenly Father has in store for you. Love for God and His children will continue to brighten your path, even on dark and cloudy days."

"Forever is composed of nows", and "Now is part of eternity." It's wonderful to know that even though our lives may not have gone the way we dreamed or planned, we can choose to "live joyfully now." 

"Focus on the wonders and miracles of life."

"God didn't design us to be sad, He created us to have joy. So if we trust Him, He will help us to notice the good, bright and hopeful things in life. And sure enough the road will remain bright and the road will become brighter."

"Through faith and hope, everything will make sense."

A note from Jeffrey R Holland:

As the general women’s meeting approaches, I have thought a lot about you. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the women in our families, our Church, and our communities. You all have your own needs and concerns, yet you reach out so compassionately to those around you. That is the true mark of discipleship.

Life is not easy. Challenges can seem everlasting, but whatever your burdens—and no matter how frequent your challenges—Jesus Christ understands you. He can heal you from the wounds of life and help you bear your burdens. I hope and pray that our meeting together on September 26 will help you feel Christ’s true love for you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quotes From Elder Richard G. Scott 1928 - 2015

It's always sad to see an Apostle pass on. I always knew that Elder Richard G. Scott related to the single people of the church because he's been single for a long time. It's reassuring to know that he's rejoined his beloved wife after all this time. 

Now we will have 3 new Apostles ordained in just a couple of weeks - 
General Conference October 3 - 4.

Here are some great Elder Richard G. Scott quotes:
"A pebble held close to the eye appears to be a gigantic obstacle. Cast on the ground, it is seen in perspective. Likewise, problems or trials in our lives need to be viewed in the perspective of scriptural doctrine. Otherwise they can easily overtake our vision, absorb our energy, and deprive us of the joy and beauty the Lord intends us to receive here on earth."
--Richard G. Scott
 “[Heavenly Father] loves us beyond our capacity to understand. He knows what is best for us. He sees the end from the beginning. He wants us to act to gain needed experience: When He answers yes, it is to give us confidence. When He answers no, it is to prevent error. When He withholds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in Him.”
 --Richard G. Scott 
 Safeguard your children by arming them morning and night with the power of family prayer. Don’t yield to Satan’s lie that you don’t have time to study the scriptures. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media.
 --Elder Richard G. Scott - 2014 General Conference Talk 
Adversity is a part of life. We will all have it because we need it for growth and for the forging of our righteous character. I have learned that the Lord has a consummate capacity to judge our intent. He is concerned about what we are becoming by the choices we make. He has an individual plan for each of us. 
--Elder Richard G. Scott
Rather than asking: Why me? Why now? What have I done to cause or deserve this? Ask instead: What next? What am I to do? What am I to learn from this experience? What am I to change? Whom am I to help? How can I remember my many blessings in times of trial? “When you pray with real conviction, ‘Please let me know Thy will’ and ‘May Thy will be done,’ you are in the strongest position to receive the maximum help from your loving [Heavenly] Father.” 
--Richard G. Scott

"You are here on earth for a divine purpose. It is not to be endlessly entertained or to be constantly in full pursuit of pleasure. You are here to be tried, to prove yourself so that you can receive the addition blessings God has for you." 
~ Richard G. Scott, "Finding Joy in Life." April, 1996 General Conference.
Part of that testing here is to have so many seemingly interesting things to do that we can forget the main purposes for being here. Satan works very hard so that the essential things won’t happen... The Lord has told us that we are here to be tried—to be proven, to see whether we will be valiant and be obedient to His teachings... Be wise and don’t let good things crowd out those that are essential.” 
--Richard G. Scott,

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Monthly Meal Planning

It's been a few years since I've had to plan a menu for more then myself. With Jason moving back home, I decided it was time to get back into the groove of menu planning on a budget.

I had to go to the grocery store and stock up on staples yesterday (I was almost out of flour). Before I made my list and went to the store, I made a menu for the month. I did the majority of shopping for everything on this list and hope I don't have to do another major shopping for another month. We will have to pick up milk and perishables like fruit and vegetables, but that should only be small purchases.

I really hate shopping! I find I spend less if I do a major purchase once a month and try to go as long as I can before I have to step foot into a store again. It saves me money. 

I've planned the basic things we usually cook. I need to start checking my Pinterest Recipes and change up our menu next month. 

I loved the printable and EDITABLE menu above from No Ordinary Moments. 
I loved planning for the whole month.

I didn't add breakfast, lunch or snacks to the menu because that doesn't need much thought. 

Breakfast Choices:
Eggs, Bacon, Toast
Biscuits and Gravy
Oatmeal with fruit


Homemade Cookies
Ice Cream

It's nice to cook for more then one person. Plus, this let's Jason know what we are eating. I really want him to quit eating fast food, out to eat or going to the store multiple times a week. 

It's better to be frugal and help him get back on his feet. The goal is to get him into a place of his own  again by keeping to a budget and planning for the future. 


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