Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CanvasPop Family Photo

Have you heard about a CanvasPop yet? I just found this great company and ordered a family canvas picture. It's 16" x 24". I selected to have the photo wrapped around the frame. 
Today it arrived and I love it!!
 I should have ordered another one for Jason and Sharon to put on their wall too. 

This picture is from Jason and Sharon's wedding. It's one of the better family pictures we have together. 
 It's hard to take a picture of a picture to help you visualize how cool it is and the dimension. I have it next to my wooden sign of the 9 B's. I may change it around my house, but I was so excited to receive it and put it on the wall immediately. It's on the wall exiting my kitchen. Now every time I exit the kitchen I see my beautiful family. Even while I am in my kitchen where our family gathers all the time, we can enjoy my new canvas family picture.
 This picture shows the wrapped edge of our CanvasPop picture (there isn't a white line, it's just the flash shining on the edge - it is a seamless wrapped picture). 
Another angle of our new CanvasPop family picture. I need to order more because I love canvas pictures. There are lots of options from family photos to landscape photos. Let the pictures you've taken come to life by adding them to your wall!

If you are interested in getting a canvas picture, I completely recommend CanvasPop
The unexpected extra that came with my picture was 2 different sizes of a picture nails. How cool is it to have everything you will need to immediately add it to the wall? I love that they included the nail. 

Oh, I'll show you what the back of the picture looks like:
It comes with a hanging wire very professionally done and ready to add to your wall. 

I'm in love with this CanvasPop and will be ordering additional pictures for me and my family.

Thanks CanvasPop! I love my new picture!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mopping Your Floor

One of my customers recently moved to a new house. Today was the first clean I did in this new house. They originally wanted me to do the final clean after the previous owners moved out. However, they found out that the previous owners were going to have it professionally cleaned by some other service before they closed on the house. 

The "Professionally Cleaning People" the previous owners used seriously don't know how to mop a floor, and the previous owners probably didn't either. The final clean was 12 days ago and the hardwood floors made my mop water - MUD!

I've been cleaning this customer for quite a long time and I understand that they moved their stuff in, but seriously .... there is NO way they made those floors that dirty. It's going to take me a few cleanings to get the mop water from turning from MUD to clean water! So dirty! I had to change the water in my mop bucket 3 times and every time it became black mud water again. 

There were so many things that these "Professionally Cleaners" missed that I just want to shake my head at their service. 

Luckily for the new owners of my customers old house, they seriously got one Sparkling Clean house to move into. 

Also, they didn't have very many carpeted areas, but I had to empty my vacuum bag 4 times from all the debris I picked up. 

If you live in the Boise / Meridian Idaho area and want a cleaning service that actually gets your home clean - please call me. I do have a couple of openings available. You get a full GOOD clean EVERY TIME! That is why my company is called Sparkling Clean, because that is what you get from me. 

My business number is 884-1775. Unfortunately I don't do one time only cleans. I only take on weekly or bi-weekly customers. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Heart Attack 2015

I was Heart Attacked again this year! I can't believe it! 

I sure feel loved when I get these kind of surprises. I am one lucky single sister in our ward. I think that is why they do it - because I am a single sister. 

Anyway here is what they did this year. 
 Whoever gave me a Heart Attack this year was quite clever. Using plastic forks and skewers with hearts attached and stuck in the lawn was amazing. Such a cute idea!

 I also loved the walkway scattered with hearts. Awe!
The door and the heart tree on the porch is too cute for words.

I feel loved! Thanks you sneaky people for spreading love my way!


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